Leaving the Comfort Zone

There is an intend promotion looming for me. I should be ecstatic about it, right? But I felt the other way around. Embracing this promotion means I will have less time to write and I know that five years from now all I wanted is to be a full-time freelance writer.

This unreceptive emotion I felt about my promotion leads me to a guilt feeling. Promotion is a blessing and I should be thankful for this opportunity. Right now also, I am financially drained, extremely drained. This is only my chief reason for accepting the promotion. The salary increase that comes along with the promotion is better than nothing. At this point of time, any additional income will help me a lot.

In the next few weeks, I will be embarking a new life and exploring the unknown horizon. Wish me luck!


Exhausted but Happy!

Yesterday, I had only coins left in my wallet. I am expecting the salary only be end of the week. I was thinking where to get my fare for the following day. Then all of a sudden my colleague paid me for the purchased she made earlier from the multi-level marketing products I had. It saved me for my needs today.

I can’t help but reminisce my Dad’s mantra. When we faced financial crisis before, my Mum would start to worry. Then my Dad would assure her that ‘God will provide’.

Indeed He does. You may not be religious but I believe in the Man up there who looks after us.Have a great day!

Slaving Myself for LG

It is public holiday here and I am off for three days in a row! Fantastic, right?

In a way yes and I envy some of my friends because for them, it is party and holiday time. Others flew to exotic resorts and some to other countries for short break. I know that I should not nurture this evil feeling of jealousy. Instead I should be content and thankful for the blessings that I have. Sometimes this thought flees from my sane mind. Not good actually as it always makes me feel better…

Anyway, I am thankful for the public holiday. I don’t have work three days in a row. For the last two days I never stepped out from my home. I am hibernating for two reasons.

First, I really have no money (literally) to go out or for taxi fare. I have coins only left in my wallet. I even wanted to go to drop by in the office for couple of hours during this holiday. I just want to check my emails because by the time I resume work on Sunday, my inbox will be swarmed with emails.

Unfortunately, I am extremely broke this month and there is two days more to go before salary time.

Secondly, I had been working hard in my new writing gig. Though they pay really less, I gave in because I need extra money by end of the month. The good about them is they pay on time (and I had proven that before) and they have continuous assignments. It is just a matter of how much time you can allocate to finish the writing assignments.

Anyway, last Wednesday I slept at 4am in order to meet my deadline for the writing gig. It was really a long day. I came home late from the office because I tried to wrap up things before the public holiday. After that, I started pounding my laptop to finish six articles. Whew!

Then, I woke up again at lunch time and continued for the next assignment. This time it was ten but shorter articles.

Believe me, I was so tired. My back was paining because I really don’t have an ideal desk with proper chair. So while writing, I moved around my bed.
After I submitted my last set of assignments I took a break.. Then later this afternoon, I took another assignment. I wanted to finish early but I have been procrastinating it.

I will definitely start my research after posting this post.

Honestly, every time I felt discourage and tired, I reminded myself about LG then it helped me to keep going. I know it seems senseless for I am slaving myself for LG who is not my kin at all but I made my promise and I want to keep that promise.

Financially Broke? Tips to Overcoming It

Are you broke? Do you hardly meet your basic needs? Did you hit the rock-bottom of your financial health?

And so do I! There is nothing to be ashamed about it. The important thing is we learn the lessons though it is in a hard and painful way.

Click here to read more.

Beggar But Not At Heart

I know that right now I am a beggar but not at heart!

Since I started working as an expat, I promised to share my blessings by sponsoring scholarships. Fortunately, I shared the same passion with my sister. She sponsored ‘LG’, a high school student while she was still in college. Then when LG graduated from high school, my sis asked me if I could continue supporting LG in college as she could not afford at that time.

And I took the challenge. LG is my first college scholar apart from my younger sister though I had couple of high school scholars too in the previous years.

Let me give you a brief background about LG. He lives in southern part of Philippines, in one of the most remote places where the people’s main source of income is farming. Endowed with an above average intellect, he longs to finish a college degree unfortunately his parents cannot afford to send him to school.

My sister met LG in one of her immersions with the Jesuit missionaries.
Anyway, recently I started to face challenges in supporting him. With my spiraling financial debts, I attempted to give up LG’s scholarship, not once but twice already. In a way, I felt bad because he is now in his junior year in college.

Because LG is in full scholarship, we told him about the financial issues. This year we can extend only up to 50-70% of the financial support compared to what he used to receive. So what he did, he offered to landlady to help in the household chores in his boarding house. In return, his monthly rental is waived.

I really thought that I could not send him to school this second semester. My Mum urged me to continue and she would help too because LG has three semester (including this sem) to go before he will graduate.

Luckily, I have a writing gig in October. It was quite a good pay and we managed paid LG’s tuition fee last semester. Great too, as the client decided to continue the writing gig for another month. I just finished the last batch of articles now and I am not sure if the client will still continue the project. The November payment will be for LG’s allowance in December.

Earlier this week, I remembered my previous writing gig last year. I tried applying again and luckily they remembered me. So, I escaped the trial writing test and now I can start grabbing assignments. Honestly, the pay is not that good but they pay on time.

In the meantime, this will be my bread and butter for LG’s allowance and tuition. I already calculated how many assignments I need to take every month to meet LG’s school needs.

Hopefully, things will work as planned. In tough times like this, I always remember my Dad’s mantra – God will provide.

Wish me tons of luck!

Tough Luck!

I wanted to vent out my frustrations in the multi-level marketing that I joined.

Honestly, I invested a good amount of money on it but as time passes by, I noticed few discrepancies. I was really discouraged and I lost my faith in the system. True, the product is excellent but I felt that there are many hidden information which I think is vital and must be known at the early stage.

Generally in this kind of business, we invite first our immediate friends and family. Now that I lost my faith and the discrepancies I found, I felt guilty. In a way, I have this small voice that is haunting me for fooling my close friends. They too invested money.

And now, I cannot afford to recruit others to join us

I better lost the money for nothing than to fool my friends and family! I was hoping before that it would be my gateway from my current financial quagmire.

Tough luck for me, huh!

Changing My Life’s Formula: Venturing into my First Business

What is the big difference between your life five years ago and now? Maybe you moved to a new flat, got a well deserved promotion and salary raised, and owned a brand new car. 

Or it can be the other side of the coin (like mine). There are the spiraling credit card bills and increasing needs but the same salary. Okay, I might be exaggerating about the second one. I had salary increase but it was not enough to beat the rising cost of living here. In other words, I now slowly felt and understood how inflation affects my life. It didn’t make much sense to me when I was just learning about at school.

The same formula leads to the same result. While doing this comparison, I realized that of course, what else I can expect! I didn’t alter my strategy towards life. I kept the same formula that I have been using for years. The same trick means the same result.

Checking my life’s formula. I am very keen to flip my current financial situation to a better condition which means paying off my credit cards bills and other debts. This propelled me to think outside the box, to be out of my comfort zone of receiving my monthly paycheck.

I have to consider all the other options to augment my income.

Constant Eye on Long Term Goal. Another reason that drove me to the edge of fixing my financial mess is my long term goal.

My major plans are laid out already and I set a deadline of 2011 when I’ll turn 33. I will be a freelance writer by then and running my own web based business. However, grasping the reality of my financial situation now, I’ll never make in 2011. I am swarmed with bills and debts, and I cannot take the plunge of turning around my life from a corporate slave to a freelance journo without enough financial cushion to rely on for the next 6-12 months.

So, I have to clear my debts and to have enough savings, actually savings amounting to 6-12 months salary. That’s my aim!

Also, I cannot and I don’t want to delay further my plan to be a freelance writer. I have enough years of compromising my passion to more pragmatic decisions in life. I am now 31 and I felt that my time is not long enough. I wanted to at least do what I really want and love to do in life. Why spent the rest of my life in a job that doesn’t make me fulfilled and happy!

I want to live the rest of my life following my passion.

It is about time to change my life’s strategy.  As I said earlier, I am now thinking out of the box and keeping an open mind for all possible options to clear my debts. So lately, I dip my hands in multi level marketing. Last July I invested my one month salary to it.

Well, it is not an overnight-get-rich-scheme however it opens an opportunity to earn more provided also that I do my part. The result of it will be tantamount to the effort I invested to this business.

It has been two months now and I didn’t see significant result yet. I am not losing hope because I haven’t invested the amount of time that I wanted to.

Hopefully I will finish all my ground works for this business and I can be fully equipped by October. By then, I want to dedicate my spare time and emotion to this business.

I am hanging on as there is nothing impossible in life if we want it badly.

I’ll keep you posted!


P.S. Maybe you want to join our business.