Slaving Myself for LG

It is public holiday here and I am off for three days in a row! Fantastic, right?

In a way yes and I envy some of my friends because for them, it is party and holiday time. Others flew to exotic resorts and some to other countries for short break. I know that I should not nurture this evil feeling of jealousy. Instead I should be content and thankful for the blessings that I have. Sometimes this thought flees from my sane mind. Not good actually as it always makes me feel better…

Anyway, I am thankful for the public holiday. I don’t have work three days in a row. For the last two days I never stepped out from my home. I am hibernating for two reasons.

First, I really have no money (literally) to go out or for taxi fare. I have coins only left in my wallet. I even wanted to go to drop by in the office for couple of hours during this holiday. I just want to check my emails because by the time I resume work on Sunday, my inbox will be swarmed with emails.

Unfortunately, I am extremely broke this month and there is two days more to go before salary time.

Secondly, I had been working hard in my new writing gig. Though they pay really less, I gave in because I need extra money by end of the month. The good about them is they pay on time (and I had proven that before) and they have continuous assignments. It is just a matter of how much time you can allocate to finish the writing assignments.

Anyway, last Wednesday I slept at 4am in order to meet my deadline for the writing gig. It was really a long day. I came home late from the office because I tried to wrap up things before the public holiday. After that, I started pounding my laptop to finish six articles. Whew!

Then, I woke up again at lunch time and continued for the next assignment. This time it was ten but shorter articles.

Believe me, I was so tired. My back was paining because I really don’t have an ideal desk with proper chair. So while writing, I moved around my bed.
After I submitted my last set of assignments I took a break.. Then later this afternoon, I took another assignment. I wanted to finish early but I have been procrastinating it.

I will definitely start my research after posting this post.

Honestly, every time I felt discourage and tired, I reminded myself about LG then it helped me to keep going. I know it seems senseless for I am slaving myself for LG who is not my kin at all but I made my promise and I want to keep that promise.


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