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Tough Luck!

I wanted to vent out my frustrations in the multi-level marketing that I joined.

Honestly, I invested a good amount of money on it but as time passes by, I noticed few discrepancies. I was really discouraged and I lost my faith in the system. True, the product is excellent but I felt that there are many hidden information which I think is vital and must be known at the early stage.

Generally in this kind of business, we invite first our immediate friends and family. Now that I lost my faith and the discrepancies I found, I felt guilty. In a way, I have this small voice that is haunting me for fooling my close friends. They too invested money.

And now, I cannot afford to recruit others to join us

I better lost the money for nothing than to fool my friends and family! I was hoping before that it would be my gateway from my current financial quagmire.

Tough luck for me, huh!


Changing My Life’s Formula: Venturing into my First Business

What is the big difference between your life five years ago and now? Maybe you moved to a new flat, got a well deserved promotion and salary raised, and owned a brand new car. 

Or it can be the other side of the coin (like mine). There are the spiraling credit card bills and increasing needs but the same salary. Okay, I might be exaggerating about the second one. I had salary increase but it was not enough to beat the rising cost of living here. In other words, I now slowly felt and understood how inflation affects my life. It didn’t make much sense to me when I was just learning about at school.

The same formula leads to the same result. While doing this comparison, I realized that of course, what else I can expect! I didn’t alter my strategy towards life. I kept the same formula that I have been using for years. The same trick means the same result.

Checking my life’s formula. I am very keen to flip my current financial situation to a better condition which means paying off my credit cards bills and other debts. This propelled me to think outside the box, to be out of my comfort zone of receiving my monthly paycheck.

I have to consider all the other options to augment my income.

Constant Eye on Long Term Goal. Another reason that drove me to the edge of fixing my financial mess is my long term goal.

My major plans are laid out already and I set a deadline of 2011 when I’ll turn 33. I will be a freelance writer by then and running my own web based business. However, grasping the reality of my financial situation now, I’ll never make in 2011. I am swarmed with bills and debts, and I cannot take the plunge of turning around my life from a corporate slave to a freelance journo without enough financial cushion to rely on for the next 6-12 months.

So, I have to clear my debts and to have enough savings, actually savings amounting to 6-12 months salary. That’s my aim!

Also, I cannot and I don’t want to delay further my plan to be a freelance writer. I have enough years of compromising my passion to more pragmatic decisions in life. I am now 31 and I felt that my time is not long enough. I wanted to at least do what I really want and love to do in life. Why spent the rest of my life in a job that doesn’t make me fulfilled and happy!

I want to live the rest of my life following my passion.

It is about time to change my life’s strategy.  As I said earlier, I am now thinking out of the box and keeping an open mind for all possible options to clear my debts. So lately, I dip my hands in multi level marketing. Last July I invested my one month salary to it.

Well, it is not an overnight-get-rich-scheme however it opens an opportunity to earn more provided also that I do my part. The result of it will be tantamount to the effort I invested to this business.

It has been two months now and I didn’t see significant result yet. I am not losing hope because I haven’t invested the amount of time that I wanted to.

Hopefully I will finish all my ground works for this business and I can be fully equipped by October. By then, I want to dedicate my spare time and emotion to this business.

I am hanging on as there is nothing impossible in life if we want it badly.

I’ll keep you posted!


P.S. Maybe you want to join our business.