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Slaving Myself for LG

It is public holiday here and I am off for three days in a row! Fantastic, right?

In a way yes and I envy some of my friends because for them, it is party and holiday time. Others flew to exotic resorts and some to other countries for short break. I know that I should not nurture this evil feeling of jealousy. Instead I should be content and thankful for the blessings that I have. Sometimes this thought flees from my sane mind. Not good actually as it always makes me feel better…

Anyway, I am thankful for the public holiday. I don’t have work three days in a row. For the last two days I never stepped out from my home. I am hibernating for two reasons.

First, I really have no money (literally) to go out or for taxi fare. I have coins only left in my wallet. I even wanted to go to drop by in the office for couple of hours during this holiday. I just want to check my emails because by the time I resume work on Sunday, my inbox will be swarmed with emails.

Unfortunately, I am extremely broke this month and there is two days more to go before salary time.

Secondly, I had been working hard in my new writing gig. Though they pay really less, I gave in because I need extra money by end of the month. The good about them is they pay on time (and I had proven that before) and they have continuous assignments. It is just a matter of how much time you can allocate to finish the writing assignments.

Anyway, last Wednesday I slept at 4am in order to meet my deadline for the writing gig. It was really a long day. I came home late from the office because I tried to wrap up things before the public holiday. After that, I started pounding my laptop to finish six articles. Whew!

Then, I woke up again at lunch time and continued for the next assignment. This time it was ten but shorter articles.

Believe me, I was so tired. My back was paining because I really don’t have an ideal desk with proper chair. So while writing, I moved around my bed.
After I submitted my last set of assignments I took a break.. Then later this afternoon, I took another assignment. I wanted to finish early but I have been procrastinating it.

I will definitely start my research after posting this post.

Honestly, every time I felt discourage and tired, I reminded myself about LG then it helped me to keep going. I know it seems senseless for I am slaving myself for LG who is not my kin at all but I made my promise and I want to keep that promise.


Finding My First Extra Income Gig

After I decided to take full responsibility of my spiraling debts, I started to scour possibilities of earning extra income. I look around for opportunities that I can do during my spare time.

Well, honestly, house cleaners and baby-sittings are really out in my options for simple reason. I don’t have children yet and the thought of being responsible to one’s life though in a short period of time scares me to death.

What if the child will not wake up? Or swallow some inedible stuff? Or maybe a sudden seizure? Okay, perhaps these are just wild and exaggerated scenarios but really, I just renounce to take such big responsibility.

As for cleaning, well, I am not at all domesticated. Honestly, I envy those friends of mine who have a knack on polishing surfaces and removing dirt in all corners and other areas where dirt can possibly crept.

So, I look for gigs that I know I can handle and have the ability to do it well. Though not 100% sure, I know that part time jobs are not really considered legal in this country. So it makes more difficult to hunt opportunities for extra income.

Then one day, I chatted with an old friend who happened to be in a financial turmoil too. Her family has been a victim of the economic crisis. Her husband lost his job and needed to go back to his country due to visa related issue. She has no option but to take her children back to her country because she cannot afford to raise them here. It was just really complicated.

Anyway, my friend introduced me to this part time job as a mystery shopper. After registering, I obtained my log-in details wherein I can look around for available jobs. Once you completed the mystery shopping, you have to write and submit an online your feedback as per the questionnaires they provided.

Working in the hospitality industry, mystery shopper is not a totally new thing for me. So it is quite an easy job for me to carry out. So far, I completed five jobs as mystery shopper but I didn’t take additional jobs lately.

Hindrance. You see, the mystery shopper company has quite varied clients ranging from banks, telecommunication companies, government offices and so on. Their office timings are generally similar to my full time job. This limits my opportunity to earn more as I only rely on assignments that have flexible office hours like a mobile phone shop located in the malls.

Writing the report. The report is quite lengthy and it is recommended that you review the guidelines prior to doing the mystery shopping.

There are specific instructions like obtaining certain information about the product though obtaining the name of the shop attendant is a must. If you are unable to provide the specific information they require, you will be asked to do it again or you will not be paid.

Payment. Honestly I was slightly discouraged by their payment method. As the information provided in the site was brief, I asked my friend. She said that they send the money through Western Union and deduct around US$ 3.50 for the fee. That’s fine with me.

So when I was desperate for extra money, I requested in the site to issue my payment. I was under assumption that it would take a week or two to process the payment. Two weeks gone and I didn’t receive any payment notification from them.

I sent them an email inquiring for the payment policy. To my dismay, I came to know that they process it only every first week of the month. I was disheartened. Payment can be requested only one month after you completed the job. Since three of my jobs were carried out in first week of August, I managed to request my payment only beginning this month. Since the payment process is every first of the month only, I have to wait until first week of October to receive my payment.

I find it really quite long to wait for a small amount. At least, you have to wait two months before you get paid.

The mystery shopper company pays me US$ 13.50 for every completed job. Unfortunately, I had to consider also my taxi fares. It was not really worth the effort.

So far, I am still waiting for my first payment and I didn’t decide yet if I will continue this part time job or look for something else better.